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by Dr Meeta Sharma - Sr Gynecology Laproscopy Surgeon | Obstetrician & Female Infertility Expert

Dr. Meeta Sharma, Gynecologist in Sharda Clinic Delhi

About Dr Meeta Sharma

Dr Meeta has worked in Government NHRM project performing gynaecological surgeries in Himachal Pradesh & Uttarakhand camps. She has been dealing with all types of obstetrical & gynecological patients independently like:
Examining and caring for pregnant women
Delivering babies
Performing gynaecological , obstetrical & laposcopic surgeries
Co-coordinating with the emergency team to ensure prompt response to emergencies.
Ensuring administration of appropriate drugs to patients.
Teaching in Nehru homeopathic medical college New Delhi.
As a Consultant with Sevayatan Hospital, Jaipur
She was responsible for all obstetrical & gynecological patients for all categories.
She has effectively handled over 7-8 surgeries on an average per week. 

As a Consultant in Ministry of Health, Iran 

She has dealt with normal & high – risk pregnancy cases independently.
Instrumental in dealing with 5- 6 deliveries per day inclusive of  C-sections.
Performed gynecological surgeries including abdominal & vaginal hysterectomies and ovarian tumors.
Handled infertility patients along with outdoor of  20 – 30 patients per day.

As a Senior Resident 

Looked after indoor and outdoor patients.
Attended labour room duties and took care obstetrical patients including high risk cases.
Trained in major & minor gynecological surgeries and laparoscopic sterilizations.

As a Social Worker

Part of Specialist for Camps held for medical assistance to underprivileged and people who have difficult access to medical services outside NCR region.


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