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Genital TB – Hidden Cause of Infertility in Women in India

Genital TB is one of the most ignored and undiagnosed causes of infertility in females as well as males. TB or tuberculosis spreads by the tubercle bacillus bacteria. Generally, TB starts in the lung area where it is known as pulmonary TB. Sometimes it gets undiagnosed as it doesn’t produce any noticeable symptoms and spreads to the genital organs among others. Genital TB is mostly found when the patient comes to seek the treatment of infertility. Many patients among them have a history of TB in their families. Dr. Meeta Sharma performs Genital TB treatment in Delhi at his gynecology clinic in Delhi. You can visit her by calling us or booking an appointment

How Genital TB spreads in the female reproductive system?

Studies suggest that genital TB first occurs in fallopian tubes then spreads to other reproductive organs such as uterus lining and ovaries etc. TB spreads via the bloodstream and lymph nodes in other organs in the body.

How does Genital TB cause Infertility in females?

  • When TB is present in the tubes, the fertilized egg can’t pass through them in the uterus. So if there is no egg in the uterus, pregnancy can not occur.  
  • If it is present in the uterus, it hampers the formation of the uterine lining. Due to this, the egg is unable to implant itself.
  • If the ovaries are affected by TB, they become unable to fertilize properly thereby diminishing the chances of pregnancy. 

What are the symptoms of Genital TB in females?

  • In many cases, there are no symptoms other than problems in conceiving. 
  • Weight loss in some
  • Fever is rare
  • Fatigue is a common complaint.
  • Menstrual Abnormality/Period problems may or may not be present.
  • Painful Sex or bleeding after sex can occur
  • Vaginal discharge can also be there

How is Genital TB diagnosed?

Many blood tests such as the Mantoux test, tuberculin test, and blood cultures are required along with the chest x-ray to confirm the diagnosis of TB. Some genital tests such as hysteroscopy are also required to confirm the presence of genital TB in the patient. 

What is the Treatment of Genital TB and how it affects infertility?

The Multidrug anti-TB regimen is followed by the patient religiously so that the TB infection is eradicated completely. Some cases may even need laparoscopy or open surgery to get cured completely. The chances of spontaneous pregnancy are low after TB treatment, which is why IUI treatment and other assisted reproduction treatments are advised. 
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