what to avoid after iui

What to Avoid After IUI

IUI or intrauterine insemination is one of the most affordable and rewarding fertility treatments in India. As Dr. Meeta performs the best IUI treatment in Delhi, patients always ask her what to avoid after IUI treatment. This article is focused on providing information about what should not be done after your IUI treatment. These precautions should be followed while you wait to get that pregnancy test done until 14 days after the procedure. We understand that this waiting period can be quite stressful for you, so here is the list of what to avoid after IUI treatment.  

What is IUI treatment?

In the IUI treatment, the female is given some ovulatory medicines that help in releasing the eggs that are required to make a baby. After the ovulation, the husband’s sperm are implanted in the uterus of the wife in order to provide the best environment for pregnancy to set in. The patient can go home after the procedure, it is painless and no anesthesia is required. Couples who are suffering from unexplained infertility, mild endometriosis, and obese females can benefit from this as well. IUI increases the chances of getting pregnant and is affordable too. It is completely natural as the baby is not formed in a lab like IVF but in the mother’s womb. The fertility clinic like Sharda Clinic just provides favorable conditions to the uterus for pregnancy. 

What to Avoid After IUI 

  1. Unhealthy food – Unhealthy food like oily, raw, uncooked, or half-cooked food including junk food should not be consumed. It is advised to eat green leafy vegetables, well-cooked healthy meals with good protein and carbohydrates.  
  2. Heavy Exercises – Heavy sports such as sprints, weight lifting, or any other such heavy exercises should be avoided. However, you should remain physically active and walking is good but other strenuous exercises must be avoided.  
  3. Stress – We understand that it is stressful to think about those lines on the pregnancy checker. Although it is not good for the implantation of the baby in the uterus, so avoid taking the stress and indulge in some good creative activities. These activities distract your mind from stress and boost happiness. 
  4. Missing your Vitamins – The multivitamins and folic acid will be prescribed by Dr. Meeta as per your condition and health. We recommend taking them religiously so that a healthy pregnancy sets in. So missing your vitamins is a bad idea, avoid skipping them.  
  5. Drug or alcohol use – Using any kind of recreational drugs, smoking and alcohol are restricted. These can hinder the implantation and the success rate can decline. So we highly recommend that you stay away from all alcoholic drinks and other substance use.  
  6. Weight Loss – Keep your weight loss plans at bay during that waiting period. If you are undergoing a weight loss plan and doing heavy exercises or other related activities for it, then it is advised to give it a pause until you get your pregnancy test done. 
These above-mentioned things are what you should avoid after IUI. If you follow these tips and advice about what to avoid after IUI, your chances of conception increase. To know more about the IUI treatment in Delhi, You can book an appointment with Dr. Meeta Sharma here. Visit the best gynecologist in Delhi, Dr Meeta Sharma in any of the mentioned clinics as per the respective timings. 
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